Hi hennyyy,

Behold, my baby! Childbirth is no yolk. Especially when the beauty industry has been completely repurposed and reclaimed by beauty lovers for beauty lovers.

An entertainment reporter at heart and a beauty fan since forever, I love tracking trends from the ground up - ones that I feel are actually relevant (being in LA helps) - and keeping an eye out for indie products on the rise.

Or I get in Forensic Files mode and investigate a hype product.  Instead of relying on sources from one platform, I make a point to go through multiple product reviews from varying sources on makeup, skincare, or tech.

There is too much to cover these days but Beauty Beat is up for the challenge. My goal is to provide succinct, snackable reports packed with NTKO info so you can stay ADD-free :D

So yeah if you love beauty trends or are just curious about the rising culture of it all - because it IS a movement - follow along.  Let's explore and gush together.