Raquel Olsson is a Chinese-American-Canadian content creator and former national television news anchor. She hosted for China Global Television Network, the live 24-hour English news channel on China Central Television - China's national television network - broadcast to over 85 million viewers in more than 100 countries. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she creates content full-time.

Raquel hosted Culture Express, a live daily newscast and China's premier English source for global entertainment and culture news. In addition to her evening show, she delivered daily live morning and afternoon entertainment news segments for News Desk, the network's headline daytime news show.  She also anchored News Update, the channel's headline night newscast, reporting breaking news and hosting live crosses with foreign correspondents. Prior to being an anchor, Raquel got her television career started as a weather reporter for CCTV News. 



Raquel was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Perth, Hong Kong, and Bangkok before spending the majority of her teenagehood in Vancouver, Canada.  She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Communications. Raquel has always found strong interest in the full tapestry of people and cultures, and seeks to shed light on the universal connections she discovers through her work.